Who is Issei Matsui

Issei MATSUI is Chief Executive Officer at P&A (Positive and Aggressive). Mr. Matsui has over 100 projects experiences in brand related executions/management/consulting for not only in Japan, but also in China, Asia Pacific and Global level. In those projects, there are major projects related with Brand Building/Consulting/Management, which include Dentsu, Sony ExploraScience (China), Sony United (Global), BMW Brand Campaign (Japan) and Total Sony group Media Consolidation Project (Asia Pacific).
He has over 10 years of experiences and business network/connection in China, and rich project experiences at 14 countries in Asia-Pacific. Mr. Matsui has top management experience in Japan and China, as a Head of Enterprise/Company.
Mr. Matsui has expertise in business analysis (research/allocation), strategy planning/development; understanding the brand and develop brand strategy for concrete executions; in taking initiatives of the projects; building relationships with clients by proposing appropriate brand/marketing plan and brand communication plan from the Client POV; local/international team management by increasing/keeping motivations among the team to get business result.

*Business analysis (structure/research), strategy planning/development.
*Planning and project management to acquire new businesses, not only in Japan but also in global level.
*Building relationships with Clients by proposing appropriate marketing plan and communication plan from the Client POV.
*Local/International team management by increasing/keeping motivations among the team to get business result.
*Exclusive Agency of ULTRA 3D, which is a World first class 3D printing for Advertising, POP and Premium goods.

More info at LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/isseimatsui

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